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  • Veronica Patricia  Ortiz
    Veronica Patricia Ortiz
    Feb 25
  • Veronica Patricia  Ortiz
    Veronica Patricia Ortiz ...  more
    Feb 25 - edited
  • Veronica Patricia  Ortiz
    Veronica Patricia Ortiz
    Feb 25 - edited
  • Mariluz Guerra
    Mariluz Guerra Today marks the long-awaited premiere of "Body Stories: Together"! 🎉 This four-time award-winning film, hailed by critics and embraced by audiences, is finally here to uplift spirits and inspire hearts. Join us in this celebration of hope and...  more
    Feb 24
  • Mariluz Guerra
    Mariluz Guerra Few hours left for the worldwide premiere of "Body Stories: Together."
    If you don't know what is all this about, let me tell you about co-creation of a movie in online mode, about making long lasting friendships regardless of distance and cultural...  more
    Feb 23
  • Zoran Dragelj
    Zoran Dragelj joined the event Directing Cinematic Vision - with Shane Stanley
    Feb 22
  • Maura Nicolaita
    Maura Nicolaita created a new event:
    Feb 21